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  • Dianne Rhodes

Self-Acceptance through Hypnotherapy

How would you like to accept something about yourself more? How would you like to accept others more? One way you can shift your habits is by using hypnotherapy.

Hypnosis therapy is used for more than just managing weight reduction and becoming a non-smoker. Hypnosis therapy is used by people every day to become more self-accepting and more confident in their abilities. In their abilities to do many things, including relating to other people.

Because the place where we start when we are relating to others is actually with ourselves. Perhaps it is difficult to accept something about someone else. Their behavior bothers you somehow and you wish they would change so you don’t feel uncomfortable anymore.

There is a reason someone else’s behavior bothers you. It is a trigger for something inside of you, something that you don’t like about yourself. If you change yourself, then the other person’s behavior will not bother you as much.

However, we cannot change what we don’t accept. That is where using hypnosis therapy comes in. Because hypnosis therapy is about learning how to change from within. It helps with learning self-acceptance. When you accept something about yourself, you can then proceed to change it. And once you accept something about yourself and change it, you can more easily accept those same qualities in others.

And, this can help the relationship you are in to improve. When you improve yourself, you improve your relationship because you are half of the relationship.

Hypnosis therapy is about reconditioning the subconscious mind. Our subconscious minds are amenable to suggestion. From birth to about age 3 our subconscious minds are like hot wax being poured into a mold. Over time the wax cools and takes the shape of the mold. Our subconscious minds take the shape of the conditioning around us after we’re born.

When we’re adults, we are unconsciously living out our habits that were formed when we were very young. If we want to change these habits, we need to put a little heat into it to reform the habits, remold the wax.

Hypnosis therapy gently helps people to reform their habits. People become more self-accepting, more self-loving by using hypnosis therapy. When we work with the subconscious mind, we are working with the part of ourselves where our emotions, our habits, our conditioned responses, our creative imagination and our automatic body functions are seated.

Hypnosis therapy can be described as a massage for the mind. Have you ever had a physical massage? The massage therapists physically works the muscles to work out any tension and blockages from the area, changing the body, healing it and leaving the body feeling more relaxed, comfortable and at ease. Hypnosis therapy works with the subconscious mind in much the same way, helping the mind to feel relaxed and less tense and less stressed.

If you are wanting to help your relationship with others become better, begin by looking at yourself and helping yourself to become better. We can’t change what we don’t accept. Once we accept something about ourselves, we can choose to change it. Hypnosis therapy is the perfect tool to use to change your habits. Like a sculpture using a tool to create a new piece of art, you can use hypnosis therapy to create a new habit, a new way of thinking and being. And eventually you will begin to see those changes grow out from you into your relationships with others.

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