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Virtual Hypnotherapy

“I had the pleasure of working with Dianne online during a time when I was going through a deep personal and professional transition, which also happened to be in the midst of the COVID chaos. It was during those isolating times, I began to see how much my peace was constantly disrupted by the internal dialogue of "I'm not good enough," "What am I doing here?," "What is my purpose?". Through working with Dianne, I was able to become more clear on the belief systems I wanted to viscerally and innately feel and believe deep within me. After four sessions, I began to feel a much greater sense of calm, peace, confidence, capability, love and self-admiration. I began to see possibility and think more clearly. What I love most about working with Dianne is that she is an incredible guide who offers you the tools to continue this journey and empowers you to take your life into your own hands. I highly, highly recommend working with Dianne."

                                                                                                                                                                                           Ali Boone, RD, NTP


"Dianne helped me tremendously while working with her for 4 weeks. Not just during our virtual meetings, but she gave me some great exercises to do on my own which I still use now to help me stay focused on the things I need help with - sweets, distractions and productivity. If you are unsure about hiring her - don't be! She's a true professional and will help you become the person you are meant to be."

                                                                                                                                                                                                                        Patrick C.

"I recently worked with Dianne online through hypnotherapy to reduce anxiety and achieve a more positive outlook. I had never done hypnotherapy and was not sure what to expect, so I was a little surprised at how powerful the work was. In just a few sessions I was able to attain deep relaxation in the sessions and an overall shift in my general well being - from fearful and anxious to more steady, confident and optimistic. Dianne's observant, empathetic, intelligent and grounded nature made her the perfect guide to exploring possibilities in hypnotic and wakeful states. I'm very grateful to her for her expert help during a difficult time and highly recommend her services to anyone open to exploring the benefits of hypnotherapy."


                                                                                                                                                                                                                          Angela A.

"I sat down with Dianne only days ago and am still most pleased.  What I experienced, first and foremost, was her professionalism and integrity in taking me through a process.  Her tempo was that of a musician, and I eventually encountered the feeling of being captive to a private concert of thoughts slowly coalescing and regrouping throughout the session.  I felt her dedication to and passion for the seriousness of her practice and was glad I sat down with her – this time over the Internet.  I gradually came to feel that we were in the same room."


Past-Life Regression

"The past life regression session I had with Dianne was absolutely amazing. I was interested in the session because I knew that understanding the past can help with the present. I am writing a book and had been stuck for the past month. With Dianne’s skillful direction, I was able to use the session to clear up the thoughts that had been holding me back. If I had realized how easy and effective it would be, I would have done it weeks ago. immediately after the session I was able to go home and start writing.”

                                                                                                                                                                                                          Lisa Carey

“I recently participated in a group Past-Life Regression session with Dianne and am excited to report on the experience. After giving a detailed description of what we would encounter, Dianne slowly progressed us to feel completely peaceful and relaxed as we moved through the experiences she was suggesting. The encounters I experienced were very vice and included background sounds as well as personal feelings. I definitely felt i was in the realm of my past life (which was in medieval times) even though my body was different. I felt deep love and warmth throughout the regression experience and the emotion have stayed with me as I flash back to the images that I saw. Although I had previously done two other Past-Life regressions, the one with Dianne was definitely the most lucid, insightful, and powerful!”

                                                                                                                                                                                     Virginia Nichols Quinn


“I participated in a PLR session with Dianne Rhodes recently and was surprised by the new insights I gained during the session. The images that came up were very unexpected and quite moving. The fact that what was revealed was not at all what I expected to find was, to me, a sign of the authenticity of the experience. I hope to work with this new knowledge in the weeks to come. This was my first experience with hypnosis and I found it easy to trust in Dianne and to feel safe letting go enough to open myself to what was coming up.”

                                                                                                                                                                                      Christina Rossomando

"I came to many realizations about where I am in life now and the possibilities of where my spirit has journied from. This past life regression was calm, peaceful and brightening. As I was going through the trance into a deeper state, I was still aware and reassured that I was safe and in control. Being open-minded helped me experience a transcending experience. Brought to moments I wanted to remember in this life and the possibilities of past lives my soul has experienced. This was only the beginning to understanding myself. Thank you Dianne for such a calm and helpful past life regression, and looking forward to more sessions."

                                                                                                                                                                                              Samantha Schultz

“I’ve always been interested in past lives so being able to do a session using past life regression was amazing. Coming in with an open mind and no expectations is best to make the most of this unique experience. Be sure to ask questions to not have any anxiety during session. My experience was beautiful and significant!”

                                                                                                                                                                                                           Zayra Avila


“I was able to relax immediately with Dianne’s voice. I felt very comfortable. i did not think I would be able to lay still as I am very hyper and I have tried relaxation courses before. I was able to learn a little about a past life first session but it may take several to understand everything.”

                                                                                                                                                                                                   Beth, Burke, VA

“…Dianne was very calming and relaxing….I felt that Dianne was masterful in her way of addressing and acknowledging my memories. I felt safe and comfortable exploring this domain and would recommend Dianne to others interested in exploring this inner world.”

                                                                                                                                                                                                      Lisa Jackson
                                                                                                                                                                  Functional Medicine Coach


"I sought out hypnotherapy with Dianne for stress over lack of control. I felt worried and overwhelmed much of the time.  After just one session I had made progress on a project I'd been working on, was enjoying better sleep and more energy.  By the conclusion of the four sessions, I was experiencing less stress, more productivity, and found myself in a better mood more often. Dianne made me feel comfortable throughout the sessions and tailored them to my needs. Her voice is very relaxing." 


"For years, I experienced severe pre-talk jitters prior to giving a presentation to a group. The jitters always began about one week before the event and built [up] in intensity as the date got closer. On top of that I would get dry mouth at the start of my talk. It made it very challenging to lighten up and enjoy the experience. Since public speaking is important to my career, I decided to try hypnosis to see if that would help me to relax. I scheduled two sessions with Dianne, each one right before a speaking event. The first session alone was transformational. I felt like a different person walking into the room full of people. All of my attention was directed on the audience, rather than on how great of a job I would do.  After my second session with Dianne, I was amazed at how much more comfortable I felt standing on stage. Unlike before, it was effortless and I found myself actually enjoying the experience of speaking. The audience was engaged as well which was a new experience.  What a huge transformation after just two hypnosis sessions. There’s no doubt in my mind that both sessions helped me to relax, enjoy and find the confidence that was missing."

Tom Chaplin  CEO, True Bearings

"My hypnotherapy session with Dianne Rhodes was fantastic. As a highly sensitive & aware person and as an energy-work provider myself, I intuitively and thoughtfully choose my personal self-care work. I am pleased to say that Dianne's work took me into a deep state of peace and relaxation, which was the perfect place for her to provide supportive content that went right to my subconscious self. This work will keep on giving."

Amber Chamberlain, M.Ed., Spiritual Intuitive

Mental Health & Wellbeing Expert at Suburban Light

"I decided to choose the Virtual Gastric Band Weight Reduction Program to reduce my weight in preparation for surgery. After just one week into the program, I had lost 4 pounds, was eating smaller portions and drinking more water. By the 3rd week I had reduced my weight 16 more pounds! At the end of the 4-week program I had reduced my weight a total of 21 pounds and was eating smaller meals automatically. The audio reinforcement recordings helped me to stay on the program. Dianne gave me a personalized audio recording at the end of the program to support my continued weight reduction. The best news is that I was approved for my surgery! Thank you for your help in reaching my weight reduction goals, Dianne." 

Lisa Carey

"I reached out to Dianne seeking help dealing with a specific issue I was having trouble with. After the first session, I experienced immediate results and relief. From there I began to look forward to my sessions with her. Dianne is the ultimate professional and tailored our sessions to meet my specific needs. Not only did I achieve the result I initially desired, I was provided with tools to build upon the positive foundation we were able to work together and establish. I am am so grateful to have met and worked with Dianne."

Jay, Northern Virginia

"When I was feeling anxious more than usual, I knew it was time for hypnosis. I did four sessions with Dianne. After the first session I saw immediate results. I felt a sense of well-being and calm. My daily challenges started to become more manageable. I looked forward to my sessions for they provided me with more sense of peace and  relaxation. Dianne listens very carefully and without judgement. My family noticed the change in me and asked for the secret. I shared my experience with hypnotherapy and self-hypnosis that Dianne taught me. They are now eager to see Dianne!  Thanks for all your help."

                                             Sara in Virginia

"My experience with Inner Horizons and Dianne was extremely professional.  It is clear there is a defined process that ensures consistent quality.  Dianne listened to my concerns and adapted to my individual needs and concerns.  I was especially pleased that I left with tools that you could use on my own.  She fosters independence, not dependence.  Most importantly, I achieved the result I desired and am confident in maintaining my accomplishment."


Ed Falkowitz

"I am so happy to write this review for you aka Inner Horizon LLC. It has been a very enlightening and exciting experience to have been a customer of Inner Horizon LLC. I’ve gained so much progress and changed from your assistance and the tools that you provided me to maintain the progress in accomplishing my goals. For anyone who is curious about what they can gain through Inner Horizon LLC; let my testimony provide proof that literally, the gains are infinite! Thanks, Dianne!"

Wayne W., Alexandria, VA, DoD Security Consultant


"I had been having difficulties sleeping for some time and Dianne suggested that I try hypnosis. I wasn't sure what to expect, but Dianne is so warm and reassuring that I didn't feel uncomfortable at all. She has the perfect voice for hypnosis and I found the sessions to be rejuvenating as well as effective. I am expecting to continue to use the self hypnosis techniques she taught me to work on any lingering insomnia."


“In the days and weeks after, I was pleased to find I did have self-control and for the most part didn’t even feel the urge to have wine and snack incessantly every evening. When the suggestion to eat/drink something I didn’t really want to eat came, I focused on my goal - to fit back into my clothes, and how much happier I am when I’m not overweight, and that worked.   I have also gotten back into my routine of nearly daily gym visits, and working with a personal trainer twice a week, and monitoring my food intake with a goal to lose a certain amount of weight each week.  These are methods that worked for me previously. I am finding that the more I focus on concrete goals and monitor my progress, the more naturally my behavior seems to comport with those goals. I am sure that the hypnotherapy supported my decision to take control, and continues to support the resolve to stop sabotaging my health and happiness. So, it has been self-reinforcing, and that is a huge benefit. I definitely view the hypnotherapy experience to have been helpful and positive.”

Client in Alexandria

"I decided to use hypnotherapy at Inner Horizons to improve my sleep. I hadn't been able to sleep completely through the night. After just 3 sessions of hypnotherapy, my issue was resolved and I am now sleeping through the night every night. Thank you Dianne for helping me to become a much better sleeper."

Lisa Carey

"Through several hypnosis sessions Dianne taught me to manage my food cravings and to be more in control of what, when and how I eat food. Dianne is professional, knowledgeable, and her voice is amazing.  I especially like that she taught me self hypnosis and provided a guided hypnotic induction to use at home to reinforce the in-office sessions and to continue to guide me on my weight loss journey.  Thank you Dianne."  

Client in Alexandria

"I sought help from Dianne at Inner Horizons to use hypnotherapy to help me reduce my panic attacks and minimize my anxiety. After 4 sessions with Dianne, I found that I have been able to oftentimes reduce the amount of anxiety mediation I take and even skip it all together. My anxiety has lessened considerably. The self-hypnosis techniques I learned from Dianne are helping me cope with my anxiety symptoms in new and better ways, making things a little easier and helping me to do more than I had before."

Client in Alexandria 



"Dianne has impressed me with her unique insight into dreams.  She has an ability to grasp their meaning and, with uncanny perception, she unravels the obscure and brings clarity to even those dreams which appear most puzzling.  Dianne’s firm foundation and depth of understanding are impressive.  In my twenty seven years working with dreams, Dianne stands out with the best.  She is highly competent and compassionate with in-depth perception and knowledge, qualities which provide expertise for working with individuals as well as the leadership skills needed to guide those who want to explore dreams in a group setting."

    Carolyn Kimberlin, Bethesda, MD

"I have been involved in dream work for the past 13 years and in fact that is how I met Dianne.  Over the years I have developed a great respect for Dianne and her innate ability to understand and to work through the labyrinth of our dream state.  Dianne's strong communication skills as a professional dream works facilitator effectively guide the dreamer in the use of various techniques to develop a better understanding of each dreamers' individual symbology.  Unlocking our dream state messages is on ongoing process which I will continue to pursue with Dianne as my guide." 


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