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Projective Dreamwork 






“That matrix which makes the dream in us has been called an inner spiritual guide, an inner center of the psyche… [Dreams] have a superior intelligence in them:  a wisdom and a guiding cleverness which leads us… the aim of dreams seems to be an optimum of the life for the individual.”

                                Marie-Louise von Franz



In dreams, the subconscious mind is always at work. While our conscious mind is at rest, our subconscious mind continues to work and carry us via a language of symbols.


People often use night dreams to help them solve problems. An issue a person consciously works on during the day is integrated into their mind (and body) at night through the sleep process. The subconscious mind continues to work on the issue at night while our conscious mind is at rest. Have you ever thought about a problem and weren’t able to come up with the answer? Then you took a break and allowed yourself to rest for awhile and then later the answer came to you as if from nowhere? Or maybe the answer came in a dream image? This is the power of your subconscious mind at work.  


Dreams can often give people answers to problems or questions in the form of symbolism, metaphor, archetypes and patterns. These images can be used during waking life towards making desired changes and increased self-understanding. I help you interpret your personal dream images and find their deeper messages. 


The differing modalities of hypnosis and dreamwork work together to reinforce and assist in the process of reaching our goals. I look forward to working with you in exploring your ideas about making the changes you desire. 


Dream Groups

Join together in the age-old tradition of people gathering  to talk about the meanings of their dreams.  Join a dream group! 


I offer dream group facilitation using the Projective Dreamwork Interpretation Method developed by Montague Ullman and Stanley Krippner and expanded upon by Jeremy Taylor and others. The Projective Dreamwork Method is based on the belief that only the dreamer really knows the true meaning of their dreams.


Gathering together to share perspectives on each other’s dreams offers each participant an opportunity to view their dream from someone else’s way of thinking or each person’s projection. At the same time, only the dreamer knows the true meaning of their dreams.


Participating in a dream group led by a skilled, experienced and professional certified dream group facilitator offers depth, structure and guided experience to the dream group sharing. 

If you’re interested in committing to a deep exploration of your dreams and the messages they have for you, you can join a closed dream group. Closed dream groups are held virtually via the ZOOM platform. Each session has 6 meetings and meets once a month. The cost is $90 per session paid at the beginning of the first session. No refunds for missed meetings.


Interested in joining? Contact me at 703-593-1034 or e-mail me at to get started!

Individual Dream Interpretation Services


I work one-on-one with clients offering dream interpretation via phone or virtually via the ZOOM platform. The cost is $35 for 1/2 hour and $60 per 1 hour. Please give me a call at 703-593-1034 or email me at to schedule a projective dreamwork session today. 



Contact me to join a dream group or to have an individual dream interpretation session

Dianne Mouchon Rhodes, CHT

Phone: 703-593-1034


I’ve been involved in dream work and dream study with Dianne Mouchon Rhodes for several years. She has a definite talent and skill for helping dreamers tease out meanings from the most seemingly simple dreams as well as from lengthy, convoluted, complex ones. Dianne has a strong grounding in dream theory and a comprehensive knowledge of current developments in the field of study. She’s able to work closely and respectfully with dreamers to tie dreams of all sorts to one’s everyday life, to relationships, to past events, and to one’s particular metaphysical concerns.

Ron Teeter, Technical Writer and Editor in Psychology and the Life Sciences
           Dream Study Group Facilitator


For about ten years of working with Dianne in dream groups, I've been impressed with how well she combines her extensive knowledge of theoretical approaches with her keen intuition--- And she does this with gentle humor and joyfulness. I am particularly grateful for her personal help in suggesting readings and aspects of mysticism/the collective unconscious that I might explore.  Her recommendations have always be "spot on" and have allowed me to tap into deeper levels of my own intuition in interpreting dreams.


Virginia Nichols Quinn

Retired Professor of Psychology

Author: Applying Psychology (McGraw-Hill 1984.1990,1995)



I have had the privilege of working with Dianne Rhodes since the year 2000.  I know her approach to dream work to be kind, dedicated, perceptive, and extremely knowledgeable.  


Dianne brings a gentle yet undeniable understanding to the deeper meanings of dreams.  In a world full of challenges she provides a wealth of inspiration and encouragement to everyone she works with.  I strongly recommend sessions with Dianne!


Marty Gegner, Certified Dream Facilitator and Fellow Dreamer

DreamWork Wellness LLC


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