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When the sun sets every evening, imagine that your old behaviors leave with it. When the sun rises on a new day every day, you also rise to create your new behaviors. 


Hypnosis is a state of heightened receptivity or suggestibility combined with a focused state of attention. It utilizes the subconscious mind to recondition old modes of thinking or acting and creates new, automatic responses. The mental state during a hypnotherapy session feels similar to a daydream-like state; yet, it is re-directed by you with me as your guide toward your goals.


Hypnotherapy is the use of hypnosis to create new habits or beliefs. In that daydream-like state, you are highly responsive to suggestions. Over a period of sessions, these new responses become easy, like second-nature; you no longer have to think about the desired behavior. It becomes automatic.  


Hypnotherapy is a powerful tool for your mind, your body, your life because hypnotherapy supports positive behavior change in the mind, where habits begin. Hypnotherapy is a short-term tool for long-term transformation.

The change you seek is already within you. If you’re ready to begin your journey, sign up for a free, 30-minute confidential phone consultation. 


I use a client-centered approach to fit the needs of each client. 

All hypnotherapy sessions are now being conducted virtually via the ZOOM platform or by phone.


Do you need guidance to overcome these issues?


  • Overweight

  • Stress

  • Difficulty sleeping

  • Fear/Anxiety

  • Sadness/Depression

  • Chronic pain

  • Fear of public speaking

  • Lack of confidence

  • Poor academic/sports performance

  • Nail biting

  • Clutter/hoarding

  • Past Life Regression - trained by Dr. Brian Weiss & Carole Weiss

Weight Reduction & Management











The Virtual Gastric Band Program utilizes the concept of a ‘virtual gastric band’ for weight loss using hypnosis. 24 out of 25 people lost a total of 198 lbs. in the 3-week VGB test trial led by Sheila Granger. Many people know that many diets do not work long term.


The VGB program helps people form new eating habits that they can stick to, which create permanent change. If a person consciously denies themselves a certain type of food, they want it even more. With the VGB program, people can eat a little less than they may need but they can eat anything they want and they can lose weight. Reducing the amount of food a person eats is doable and sustainable.


The VGB is not a diet. If diets worked people wouldn’t be on them all the time. The VGB helps people form a new habit they can stick with so they don’t feel deprived and can gain freedom from thinking about food all the time. They learn to listen to their stomach signals, not their eyes or head. 

Sleep Improvement

Getting enough sleep is an important part of maintaining good overall health and well being.  I have helped many become better sleepers through the use of hypnotherapy.  Simple behavior change and relaxation techniques help people get to sleep easier, sleep through the night, and return to sleep with greater ease.

Athletic Performance Improvement

Sports performance has as much to do with mental abilities as it does

with physical abilities. Hypnosis is the training of mental abilities and can contribute to enhancing and improving athletic performance. Developing and increasing mental skills gives that competitive edge. If you are just starting a new sport or are an experienced athlete or somewhere in between, you can benefit from the use hypnosis.


Sports hypnosis combined with psychological interventions can help with confidence building, dealing with self-talk, improving motivation, maintaining focus, improving mental toughness, performance enhancement, technique rehearsal, anxiety management and competition preparation. 

Call for a free 30-minute phone consultation when you are ready to choose hypnotherapy.

Dianne Mouchon Rhodes, CH

Phone: 703-593-1034


I enthusiastically recommend Dianne if you desire to make changes in your life and achieve your goals.  It was a wonderful experience working with her for five Hypnotherapy Sessions.  This was my first time working with a hypnotherapist, and I felt great confidence and ease with Dianne.  She explained the process to me during our first session so that I knew what to expect, and I had choice in the process as we proceeded.  Along the way we continued to evaluate how things were shifting with regard to my goal, and adjusting our approach to remove barriers towards achieving it.  Dianne also worked with me on specific hypnotherapy techniques that I could implement between sessions and on my own beyond our five sessions.

I chose to work with a goal towards expanding my work.  Immediately after our first session, two new clients scheduled with me exactly in the arena in which I had hoped to expand!  During the weeks Dianne and I worked together, not only did my work move in positive directions, but I became much more focused regarding my desired work and how to get there.  By the end I even had a new job offer!

I found Dianne to be very easy to work with.  She was grounded, focused, and non-judgmental, even as we explored the more challenging aspects of my goal.  


Working with Dianne was an eye-opening and transformative experience!  I learned about myself as it pertained to my goal, and I made positive steps in that direction.  Thank you Dianne! 

Alison Licensed Massage Therapist and Professional Intuitive, 



Dianne's great gift as a hypnotist is her ability and willingness to craft a personalized program that treats each person holistically. From the beginning of the process,  she provided a framework that helped me identify what I wanted to change, Dianne compassionately created a safe and comforting atmosphere. Since working with Dianne I have enjoyed better quality sleep and more energy. I have been able to relax more deeply and release tension in areas like my jaw that had been problematic.  I've also experienced pain relief and improved concentration and focus.

Over the course of the 3 sessions, Dianne adapted the hypnosis, crafting the scripts so that they targeted the exact issues I wanted to work on, using language and imagery which especially appealed to me. Dianne's hypnosis helped me through a difficult time, and I have every confidence in her abilities. I highly, highly recommend her and am grateful I had a chance to work with her.

Pam PhD and Teacher in DC



I have long struggled to establish healthy eating habits. I found my hypnotherapy experience with Dianne to be helpful in replacing poor eating habits with healthy ones. It surprised me that when I found myself in situations that previously would have led me to make an unhealthy choice, that I did not experience the desire for that food and instead found myself making better choices. I have used willpower before when faced with a tempting food, but through my hypnotherapy sessions with Dianne, I no longer needed to rely on willpower, instead, I simply did not experience a desire for the unhealthy food. Dianne is kind and compassionate. She listened closely to my goals and customized her therapy to meet my needs and make me feel better about myself, and the choices I make in life. I wholeheartedly recommend Dianne as a guide in exploring what hypnotherapy can do for you. 

Maureen D., A Thoughtful & Trusted Practitioner

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