About Dianne
Consulting Hypnotherapist, Individual Dreamwork

Facilitator, Dream Group Facilitation





As long ago as I can remember I’ve been interested in images and visual communication. In my former career in marketing and advertising, I worked with images and words to create promotional materials in order to persuade and sell for businesses.  Today I’ve turned my interest in visual communication and image-making towards helping people create positive changes in their lives and understand the deeper meanings of their dreams.


Dreams:  I remember asking myself at a young age, why do we sleep, why do we dream? I have been journaling my dreams since I was a teenager and began working with them at a workshop led by Gayle Delaney. This early learning inspired me to join a dream group years later where I became versed in symbolism, metaphor, archetypes, patterns and images, the language of dreams.


On my journey of practicing dream interpretation through the years, I have been fortunate and feel honored to have worked with Jeremy Taylor, Rita Dwyer, Diana McKendree, LuAnn Fulbright, Jerry Wright, Forbes Robbins Blair and Marty Gegner through formal programs, dream groups and workshops at conferences. 


My higher education studies of the subconscious within the fields of advertising and communications merged well with my later self-studies of dreamwork, meditation, consciousness, spirituality and hypnosis, which I’ve been participating in collectively for over 35 years. As part of my self-study on the topics of consciousness and spirituality, I chose to begin a meditation practice over 20 years ago and continue to experience such benefits as increased clarity of thought, increased energy and a greater focus of attention.  


Hypnotherapy: Using a client-centered approach, I have been helping hypnotherapy clients for years to overcome their fears, reduce their weight and improve their eating habits, improve their sleep, increase their self-esteem, improve their study habits and memory retention, reduce their stress, and more.


All hypnotherapy sessions are now being conducted virtually via the ZOOM platform or by phone. Dream groups meet via ZOOM. Individual dream interpretation sessions are conducted via ZOOM or by phone. 

I am a member of the National Guild of Hypnotists and the International Association for the Study of Dreams


My Background

  • B.A. Communications, emphasis in Advertising, 1987 Cal State University Fullerton

  • Certified Projective Dreamwork Facilitator through Jeremy Taylor’s Marin Institute for Projective Dreamwork

  • NGH Certified Consulting Hypnosis Practitioner

  • Certified Advanced Pain Practitioner

  • Certified in Virtual Gastric Band

  • Certified in Past Life Regression Hypnotherapy - trained by Dr. Brian Weiss & Carole Weiss

  • Certified in Brain Training for Sugar Addiction, Alcohol Reduction, & Mental Focus




Over a series of sessions with Dianne, I was impressed that she took a lot of time, asked many questions to fine tune and truly make each session as personalized as possible…just for me. At the start of the next session she would again ask a series of questions to determine what was working, how it was going, as well as to make modifications to fine-tune each up-coming session. I felt that together we worked on expanding my goal setting, using visualization to improve clarification and attainment,  and shifted my perspectives of past influences and made me look forward to achieving positive future outcomes. I greatly appreciated the time, techniques and effort that Dianne used to allow my mind’s eye to visualize and help me work towards my ultimate goals. It was obvious to me that she really cared and wanted to fully understand what others were experiencing in order to be able to say just the right word/phrase to make it a more successful session.

I would highly recommend working with Dianne as a hypnotherapist as her demeanor is compassionate and encouraging. She did a wonderful job of including relevant aspects of my work/personality/life within each session that really helped and worked to give me the tools needed to do this on my own. I would highly recommend Dianne to my friends.  


Sarah S.
Office Manager